Kabhi kahin jo haq par sawaal Uthegaa,
Kisi Qalam se koi aftaab uthegaa......!!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Political Re-engineering.

The peculiarity of Indian politics at the third tier i.e the panchayats and gramsabhas is the  distribution of goodies and  country made wine to the poor electorate who find an honor in sharing a bench at ‘thakur sahib’s dyodhi’.

So has the case turned for the young and restless India which is politically aroused to be a catalyst of change but is trapped in the nets of dualism laid down by the heavily orchestrated political promotion and media campaign primarily through paid news . The tech savvy and pro-development race (with millions of them desperate to settle down in USA: source Times of India Survey) are heavily batting for Narendra Modi  citing development as the reason,but resist to talk about Nitish Kumar, because the poor chap has neither a marketing team nor a lobby of ’Patels’ in United States to promote him.

With all the economic parameters from GDP, Human Development Index , Infant Mortality rate showing not so attractive statistics, Gujarat is still showcased as a center of miraculous advancement ,Thanks to selective media propaganda, social media gimmicks.Even the recent praise by an American Delegation was exposed to be paid and pre-planned.

A few facebook pages and a group of narcissists who want to percolate their opinion have captured the power of reasoning and logic from the youth floating on the anti-incumbency factor and a leadership vacuum for 2014.The Young Nation shuttling around the town with their office  colleagues and travelling the world  talking about Tatas and Ambanis need to empathize with  the fact that our ailing farmers of Vidarbha, the artisans of bundelkhand, the alienated north eastern crowd and the nutrient deprived children are also our brothers in arms.

When you talk about India don’t forget Bharat where the majority lives.
It is the time to break the chains of channelized thinking.

Qirat ko ghulami se azaad kar
Jawaano.n  ko peero.n ka ustaad kar’
-Jai Hind.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Piety –The Zenith Of Attitude.

The inbox, the facebook walls and the corridors of youth gallery are always abuzz with the word  ‘Attitude’.

Whether you ignore someone, you are insolent to your  teacher , you walk arrogantly, you talk freakishly ,you are bold enough to pass a comment on lady or you give a damn; they all simply reflects that you are full of attitude, vernacularly.

But in reality piety is attitude and attitude is piety. It is all about the collective mindset. You want to break the rule to be a champ, break this fake premise. You do not need to flaunt in order to seek attention, the natural decency always commands respect.

Meet and socialize with your race, respect your elders, walk with a lowered gaze , talk sensibly ,respect and safeguard the opposite sex and be a responsible citizen; it will simply reflect that you are mature enough, literally.

You will be loved,respected and appreciated because the Almighty says  ‘Be modest and Allah will exalt you.’

“Jo Alaa zarf hote hai,hamesha jhuk ke milte hai.n
Suraahi sar nigooh ho kar bhara karti hai paimana”

(People of  great dignity,always bow to meet
The goblet bows to fill up to the brim )
Jai Hind.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The sad story of Bahraich.

Come to meet me and you will feel the pain. I am Bahraich, a district (though I look like a town) in UP that is ignored and neglected by the government and my representatives.

The major connecting route is the invisible lucknow-bahraich road with more visible pit holes .Forget about rail connectivity. I have been promised an electrical railway line since 15 years, but promises are never kept especially in my case.

With a few degree colleges and no university, I have only a few institutes that are not sufficient to accommodate the aspiring crowd of students who are not financially capable to move out for studies.
You talk of employment opportunities and I don’t have any. A site was finalized in the late 90s to setup an ITI(Indian Telecom Industry),but that too was robbed away to Gonda, the neighboring district by  influential congress  MP Anand Singh. 

The year 2009 gave a ray of hope as Commando Kamal kishore,a close aide of the Gandhi family was finalized for Bahraich constituency. Though he was new to the city but people trusted him due to his defense background and for the proximity to the Congress chief, but he shattered all the hopes, being the worst MP any constituency would have had. Forget about the special development package, he never turned back.Even the MPLAD(MP Local area development) funds were hardly used

Sachchar committee recommended me in the list of minority concentrated districts that needed special attention on education and development. But who cares and knows. The officials were busy cashing the lucrative place where nobody objects.
Local Area development has been done by the 5th  term MLA Dr Veqar Ahmed Shah ,but he too flunked to rope in educational and employment opportunities. He is the only hope, being the Cabinet Minister in state governmen

Being an officially backward district, my expectations were too low. I never thought of tourism and recreational development though I had exotic Katarnia ghat(a Tiger reserve) ,Sonpathri and many other adventurous places. I only hoped of lko-brh road,a railways link, health and educational services.
Even the merit of having an international border, did not pay me.

My situation is pathetic and I am the most underprivileged district around.
I am Bahraich.
Jai Hind.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lanes of Thought.

The reflection of what we see and what we perceive is foreign for our own feelings.
We talked about the political and social changes, the gyration of the youthful thoughts. We read The motorcycle  diaries and we sported the t-shirts with the face of Che in all colours.

But do we know the streets? The feelings, the priorities, the truth and the love?

Prof. Bhim Singh, the founder of Panther’s party of India took over the streets of the world on a motorcycle investigating the various issues of the world.

Yes, we also take motorcycle rides,late night offs and chai breaks  at the outskirt dhabas, But where is our heart?? The manliness is lost, the spirit is dead and our emotions are too self centered.

Every chhotu at the neighborhood shop has a story that is strong enough to move a human .Our  Ramesh Chacha who always jokingly advised to quit smoking (though selling cigarettes was his source of income) opens  his shop till 11.30 in the night just to earn a few extra pennies for his child’s education because he knows that “aj ke zamane me padhai likhai hi sab kuch hai” and the story goes on for every other person we see and never give a second thought to.

It takes nothing but a few seconds to give a thought and the rest happens by itself .Feel what you see ,talk to the people who are not related  to us. Walk free, hear purely and come out of the comfort zone.

Love the street. Live the street and sense the street. Be at the helm of your heart because

bada mushkil hai banjara mizaaj hona bhi
Ek saleeqa bhi chahiye awargi ke liye”

Jai Hind.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why is it so tough to love ?

The sudden spirit of embracing revolution by the youths of the nation has somewhat created a chaos.

Our country too felt the warmth of public protest from Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain. All of a sudden everyone wanted to do something for the nation without knowing the other aspects and this urge to do “something” turned into a nation.

What we all were witnessing on social media was disgusting and pathetic. Be it the Times of India’s face book page or Growing India or any other pro development nationalist page, they all were full of hate comments and abusive languages for a particular minority community. The most shocking part being the fact that there were no arguments and discussions except the commonly repeated shouts of “kill them” “throw them out” , ”they are traitors” and “we want Narendra Modi as PM”.

There is lot to be thought. We are an educated young nation and it is so creep to see the budding generation being so illogical and dumb.

I brought a right winged(read as nationalist) Hindi newspaper along with the Sunday guardian yesterday. Luckily this newspaper PANCHJANY does not have a mass following as it’s all the articles were provocative enough to stir a national problem. It bluntly addressed the Hindus to rise against Muslims in a revolutionary tone. It is sad that these hate materials are publically available.

The problem is simple

àThe majority does not trust the minority community and doubt their patriotism. With allegations of disunity and terrorism.

A still with a young boy wearing a skull cap doing harm to Amar Jyoti Jawan in Mumbai went viral on internet. The incidence should be criticized sharply and the culprits must be punished.

But the fact that the damaged Amar Jyoti was of a Muslim freedom fighter Syed Hameed was not aired.

àThe minority community thinks the government and administration are against them and they are being continuously oppressed. Despite the fact that the Muslims in India are safe and happy with equal opportunities though they deserve something more than safety.

The reality is simpler

àWe have bigger problems of corruption and economic slowdown to ponder around. We all face a threat from Pakistan and China through proxies in the form of national safety.

The solution is simplest

àLove each other, trust each other. Avoid rumors. Ignore a few things. Think a bit. Look for the bigger objective and accept the fact that we all are sons of the same soil and every individual is sacred.


Jai Hind

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Petrol Hike-A Healthy move by the government..!

Do you know that the Indian government was running an undercover observe and analyze campaign for the degrading health quotient of the nation?

Yes, it is true. The statics reveal that the number of obese persons, lethargic youngsters, and strolling crowd is continuously increasing across the country.

Deeply moved by this revelation the government appointed a clandestine committee to carve out a health police for the nation. With most of the members themselves being spice and junk lovers, it was decided to change the paradigm and bring up a lateral policy for an active and healthy nation. It went like this-“Hike up the petrol prices by Rs 7.5”.

Now people may avoid taking vehicles for short distances. Buying a bicycle for local commutation is also a nice idea and after all the best exercise is walking. A walk with the beloved to the neighborhood ice cream vendor is definitely more romantic than an after dinner ice cream drive to India gate.
Hope to see more fit and energetic crowd and the pedal power to revive with cyclers taking rounds as we all witnessed the impact of cyclic yatras taken by Our CM Akhilesh Bhaiya.Yes,It brings you back to power.

Go Green
Jai Hind.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Vanished goons and the guns...!

Hooliganism was once synonymous with elections in UP, it was all about
sparkling white-clad politicians with Ray Ban aviators waving their hand in open jeeps,
musclemen carrying weapons(though the country made pistols
were the real arsenal) and a convoy of SUVs with a huge company of zindabaad chanting supporters plying around the town.

But things changed as the assembly election of 2012 witnessed a new dawn of hope with all the illegal activities of capturing of booths, rural hegemony,threatening of weaker sections and the distribution of low quality liquor taking a backseat.

Fearless people of all the ages include a large number of youth came out to vote,as the nation
witnessed a major democratic awakening on its most important political turf.

All praise and gratitude for the brazen stalwart Mr. S Y Qureshi,the Chief election commissioner of India,
his worthy commander Mr. Umesh Sinha,Chief Election officer UP and their entire team
for facilitating a fair democratic process along with the online portal for voting slips and organizing various awareness campaigns.

waah shoba-e-intekhab-e-hind.
Jai Hind.